Below are basic tips to help you plan your visit to Macau for the 2018 International Gaming Summit.

Getting to Macau

Located just an hour from Hong Kong, Macau can be easily reached both via Hong Kong airport and frequent ferries from Hong Kong's Shun Take Centre ferry terminal as well as directly via air from several Asian cities including Taipei and Seoul. With the recent opening of the Taipa Ferry Terminal, it is now possible to take a ferry from Hong Kong directly to Taipa and arrive just minutes from the Four Seasons. 


To enter Macau, Americans and Canadians need only a valid passport to be granted a visa on arrival for stays up to 30 days. European Union citizens also require a valid passport, and are granted a visa on arrival for stays up to 90 days.


Macau's currency is the Macanese pataca, which has a fixed exchange rate of MOP $1.032 to $1 Hong Kong dollar (roughly $8 MOP for $1 USD). Hong Kong Dollars are also accepted. 


Given its small size, getting around Macau is easy and there are numerous public and private transportation options.